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May 31, 2016

A Wise Choice

Two of Chef Damon Wise’s three concepts at 23 Ann Street are up and running, and the feedback has been great! Wise-Buck Smoked Meats is serving an all-day “snackboat” and smoked meats menu, alongside cold cocktails and canned beers. Just next door, Feathertop is serving dinner and weekend brunch, with a pretty amazing line up of veggie-forward dishes and great cocktails. Check out all of the concepts at

More signage is forthcoming; In the meantime, to find your way just go to the Children’s Museum on Ann Street and you will find them down the same alley. A visit is well worth the hunt!

Here are a few photos, via Eater Charleston, by amazing local photog Leslie McKellar.










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    June 30, 2015

    Cannon “Verde” Brunch

    Cannon Green has just unveiled a new summer Sunday brunch menu, featuring playful Latin-inspired plates + booze.

    Why Latin? Well, Amalia Scatena grew up visiting her grandparents in Mexico (lucky duck) and has been incorporating Latin flavors into her dishes for years. Also, Victor Pedroza, Amalia’s long time sous chef, grew up in Guerrero, Mexico and has an extensive knowledge of and love for his native cuisine (and a treasure trove of his mom’s killer, old-school recipes). Together, Amalia + Victor are hoping to shake things up this summer with the new brunch menu, which is simple, fresh and rooted in tradition.

    We say there’s nothing better than warm, hand pressed tortillas, spicy salsas, and cold mimosa’s for brunch…bring it on.

    Here are a few gorgeous shots of dishes + cocktails from our favorite Charleston photog, Jonathan Boncek.

    Jonathan Boncek_Cannon Green_Fiesta Brunch_June 2015_28_high res

    Jonathan Boncek_Cannon Green_Fiesta Brunch_June 2015_06_high res


    Jonathan Boncek_Cannon Green_Fiesta Brunch_June 2015_15_high res

    Jonathan Boncek_Cannon Green_Fiesta Brunch_June 2015_24_high res

    Jonathan Boncek_Cannon Green_Fiesta Brunch_June 2015_04_high res

    Jonathan Boncek_Cannon Green_Fiesta Brunch_June 2015_21_high res

    Jonathan Boncek_Cannon Green_Fiesta Brunch_June 2015_19_high res


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      March 30, 2015

      Easter Brunch at Pacci

      We’ve just received the menu that Pacci will be serving for Easter Brunch, this Sunday and were so blown away that we had to share! $45 is a steal of a deal for the Easter treats Chef Roberto Leoci has in store for diners. Click here to make reservations if you will be lucky enough to be in Savannah this weekend!

      A few highlights: Egg Station with deviled + colored eggs | Garden Station with Asparagus Salad with shaved parmesan, corn, radish, carrots and sweet buttermilk dressing | Carving Station with Bourbon Glazed Easter Ham | Seafood Station with Bacala alla Livornese | Pasta Station with Creste di Gallo | Lowcountry Buffet with Shrimp and Grits Arancini in smoky pancetta cream | Dessert Station with mini pastries

      And the cocktails!! Bloody Bar with all the fixings and then some (Candied Bacon! Cocktail Shrimp!) | Screwdriver Bar with fresh juices, cherries + mangos | Bellini Bar with fresh pineapple + peaches

      The grand finale…as if you weren’t stuffed to the gills…Easter Egg Jello Shots!

      Here’s the full menu. Happy Easter!



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        July 16, 2014

        Upper King’s Newest Player, Union Provisions

        Very excited for these guys to open their doors tonight. It’s been a labor of love for all involved + I think the years of hard work have paid off. I had the pleasure of eating Chef Whiddon’s food last weekend and it’s stellar. Fresh flavors, beautiful presentation, perfectly seasoned (a big one in my book) + a really fun menu of plates to share or hog all to yourself! The bar’s hopping too–I predict it’s going to be a gathering place for years to come.

        Y’all go check it out! 513 King Street, at the corner of Morris


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          May 29, 2014

          Opal: 3 for $24

          If you haven’t tried Opal Restaurant + Bar yet for whatever reason, NOW’s the time I tell you! They just launched an amazing way to get a taste of what Chef Patrick Owens has in store (trust me, he’s amazing): choose any starter, any pasta (all of them are made in house) + any dessert for just $24. That’s less than 2 parking tickets in downtown Charleston + a  whole lot more fun.

          The only caveat is that you have to eat a tad on the early side–5 to 6:30, which if you have kids like me is about when you eat anyway. And I promise you this will be a lot better than the hot dog + Pirate’s bootie you were going to shovel down.

          Here’s a few photos of what you might expect, and here’s a link to the latest Opal menu.

          Opal Food Ahi Crudo 3

          Opal Food Oysters_low

          Opal Food Duck Rillettes_jwb

          Opal Food Pasta_jwb

          Opal Food Cavatelli_jwb

          Opal Food Lagnazette_jwb

          Opal Food Hazelnut Cakes2_jwb

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            September 19, 2013

            Patrick Owens Talks Fennel with Local Palate

            There aren’t many things I don’t love to eat–anchovies, sardines, and bamboo shoots top the list. Random list, I know.

            I’ve also never been a huge fennel fan–it’s always reminded me of licorice, which I’ve always thought was such a disappointment to the candy family.

            But…the power of a good chef is that he/she can make a convert out of even the pickiest eater, and that’s what Chef Patrick Owens (Langdon’s + Opal restaurants in Mt. Pleasant) has done for me in regards to fennel. He’s featured in this month’s Local Palate in an article called “Fennel Fanatics”. I made his caramelized last night for dinner and man oh man, it was delicious. It’s super easy to make and renders a sweet + creamy fennel that’s nothing like the bitter root I’ve had in the past. Thanks for the tips, Chef!

            Local Palate Cover

            Local Palate 1

            Local Palate 3

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              August 20, 2012

              San Fran Eats

              I took a trip this summer with my husband to San Francisco. We lived there for a few years after college and absolutely loved it. We had no money, dead end jobs, and a very small friend group, but it was an experience I will never forget. To be young, carefree and in one of the coolest cities in America…it doesn’t get much better.

              But the real reason we went was to EAT. San Fran is hands-down my favorite place in the country to eat–there are so many interesting restaurants and so many different cultures and cuisines to explore. I actually couldn’t believe how many menus needed further explanation from a server. I thought I knew food pretty extensively, but there were full menus where I literally recognized like 3 ingredients. We had so much fun trying new things and didn’t have one bad meal.

              Here are some of our favorites spots from the trip. I literally didn’t take one picture, so forgive me–it was actually really nice to just walk around, eat and have fun without worrying about documenting it all. I will savor the memories in my mind forever!

              State Bird Provisions: I was so excited to see that Andrew Knowlton of Bon Appetit named it the 2012 Best Restaurant in America this month. We didn’t know what we were getting into here, and it certainly took a little getting used to, but it’s fun, creative and so delicious. Check out Andrew’s review, which can do it more justice than I can. So glad we went when we did, because I bet reservations are hard to come by right now!

              Boulette’s Larder: Friend/client Mike Lata suggested we skip the Farmer’s Market on Saturday and instead hit up the Ferry Building on a weekday and go to Boulette’s Larder for breakfast. Never disregard the suggestions of a top chef. We went on a Friday, totally missed the crazy weekend crowds, and walked right in to Boulette’s with no wait. We had hot many-grain cereal, freshly baked croissants with homemade niciolatta (basically Nutella), and poached eggs with some wild African spice that was amazing. Yum.

              El Farolito Taqueria:  Tiny little Mexican joint in the Mission. Go for lunch and order the quesadilla suiza and agua fresca. Don’t look too closely at the floors and don’t go to the bathroom…just take it for what it is!

              Bar Tartine: Good brunch spot. This was one of the menus that needed explanation, but as weird as it all sounded, it turned out to be delicious. Added bonus: fun furniture/home goods shopping on Valencia.

              Bar Agricole: Cool bar. Matt partook in several of the handcrafted cocktails (damn you, pregnancy) and said they were all awesome (and potent).

              Nick’s Cove: We have a tradition of driving up the coast and walking through the little seaside towns along Hwy 1–Mill Valley, Stinson Beach, Point Reyes, etc. We usually hit up this sleepy little seafood shack called Tony’s, but we branched out this time and tried Nick’s Cove. So glad we did–it’s really nicely done and has a beautiful seaside view. Fresh oysters and sweet Dungeness crab.

              Flour + Water: Best pizza/fresh pasta I can remember in a long time. Be prepared for a long wait, but don’t complain. It’s worth it.

              SPQR: We saved the best for last. This was my favorite dinner of the trip. My burrata app and mezzaluna pasta were to die for. I love the atmosphere too–casual but special. A place I could eat weekly, if only it were closer.

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