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November 13, 2013

Back from Beard!

I was so honored to go to NYC with client Patrick Owens of Owens Dining Group (Opal + Langdon’s restaurants) for his inaugural James Beard House dinner this past weekend. There is something really incredible about the house itself, which was once the residence of culinary icon James Beard in the 1940s + 50s. Beard laid the groundwork for America’s food revolution and nurtured an entire generation of chefs, authors and foodies. He quite literally changed the way we think about food, much like his contemporary + friend, Julia Child.

It’s a real honor to cook at the Beard House, and Patrick and his team proved they had the chops to do it justice. The dinner, which was Saturday, Nov. 9, was absolutely flawless. We had a sold-out crowd of 80 people from all over the country–our table mates were from San Fran and Boston–and I heard nothing but great things about the food all night long. I am so proud of Patrick, Garrett and Jeff for pulling off such a memorable evening and felt really lucky to be a part of it.

Here’s the menu…lots of mouthwatering photos on the way!




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