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September 27, 2013

Whatcha doin’ next Thursday??

Do you like really good food, really good wine, a gorgeous water setting and are free on Thursday, October 3? Then you MUST join me at Les Dames d’Escoffier’s “Autumn Affair,” one of the best culinary events of the year! BUY YOUR TICKETS HERE.

I was accepted into this prestigious group of female leaders in the fields of food, beverage + hospitality last year and am so honored to be a part of their group. Most (if not all) of them are far more accomplished than I, and I have enjoyed being in their company and absorbing what I can about how to contribute and have a positive impact on our community.

Each year, the Dames raise money through our various events to provide scholarships for female students in the Culinary Arts and Hospitality programs at our local schools. This year, we awarded 4 girls $1000 each, and we hope to do so again by raising lots of money at Autumn Affair, our biggest fundraiser of the year.

Below are a few photos from last year’s event. I was super pregnant and couldn’t partake in the wine side of things, but I can assure you the food is fabulous–how could it be anything less when the best chefs + culinary personalities in Charleston are cooking?!

Need a little more enticing? Check out some of the awesome auction deals up for grabs! You won’t find these at any other event in town, I promise.

  • a stay-cation at the hip and charming Zero George with dinner for two with wine tastings at Opal
  • original art from Allison Williamson
  • a bespoke Garden & Gun tote bag layered with goodies
  • a Thornhill Farm meat share:  a little piggy, lamb, chicken and grass fed-beef
  • a romantic, French-inspired dinner at FISH, champagne, and then follow the rose petals to the William Aiken Carriage House  for sweet dreams
  • a private wine tasting class in your home or in the “Wine Lounge” of Marie Sauer on Daniel Island
  • “Biscuit Bonanza” – a class with Nathalie Dupree and Carrie Morey at the Biscuit House complete with cookbooks, tools, and a hands-on , personalized class in the” fine art of bisquitry”
  • good-bye Campbell’s Soup and hello “Crop Up” and Elizabeth Beak’s create a “vegetable soup garden”
  • a book collection from the library of award-winning CBS correspondent, Martha Teichner (a fellow Dame)
  • glass art, a mirror from the Hines Studio
  • tickets to the American Cancer Society’s Gala
  • a private dinner with Celia Cerasoli and Chef Ken Vedrinski
  • dinner with Holly Herrick at Rue De jean with a French package of treats including her latest “French Cook” series
  • a private dinner with Chef Sarah O’Kelley at Glass Onion
  • “Party in a Box” assembled by the talented Dames at the Culinary College of Charleston!










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    September 19, 2013

    Patrick Owens Talks Fennel with Local Palate

    There aren’t many things I don’t love to eat–anchovies, sardines, and bamboo shoots top the list. Random list, I know.

    I’ve also never been a huge fennel fan–it’s always reminded me of licorice, which I’ve always thought was such a disappointment to the candy family.

    But…the power of a good chef is that he/she can make a convert out of even the pickiest eater, and that’s what Chef Patrick Owens (Langdon’s + Opal restaurants in Mt. Pleasant) has done for me in regards to fennel. He’s featured in this month’s Local Palate in an article called “Fennel Fanatics”. I made his caramelized last night for dinner and man oh man, it was delicious. It’s super easy to make and renders a sweet + creamy fennel that’s nothing like the bitter root I’ve had in the past. Thanks for the tips, Chef!

    Local Palate Cover

    Local Palate 1

    Local Palate 3

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      September 5, 2013

      Back From Paradise

      Long time no post…summer has gotten the best of me! Although it’s business as usual, for some reason summer in Charleston always feels slow, hot and dead. I can’t complain, because it gave me and the hubs a chance to sneak away for a long overdue vacation–our first since baby Sadie was born last December.

      When I get the go-ahead to start planning a trip, I spend hours + hours + hours pouring over travel mags, web sites + suggestions from friends. I am that person who reads EVERY review and looks at ALL the pictures available before making a final decision. So…after a laborious process, I finally settled on Harbour Island, a teeny tiny island in the Bahamas. I have to pat myself on the back, because it was one of the prettiest, friendliest + coolest places we have ever visited and we had an amazing trip.

      Why I loved it:

      • Our hotel, The Dunmore, has recently been renovated and the new style is totally up my alley. Fresh, punchy colors, modern beachy decor, clean lines + comfy rooms. They make a mean Goombay Smash + treated us like we were family from the minute we walked in.
      • The food was awesome, which surprisingly isn’t always the case in the islands. The freshest, flakiest fish, light-as-air conch fritters, + cold beer (I realize beer doesn’t technically qualify as food, but it was a prerequisite at every meal, so just as critical as food).
      • Water, water everywhere. And it’s crystal clear, cool + aqua blue. We snorkeled, boated, boogie boarded, paddleboarded + just floated without a care in the world.
      • Golf carts are the mode of transport for everyone from the swankiest tourists to the locals working on the fishing docks. There’s something really special + unique about everyone being on the same level–literally + figuratively. In a golf cart, you are completely exposed, looking at other drivers in the eye, waving to everyone + having little distinction between a nice ride and a dinky ride. Loved that.

      We’d go back in a heartbeat and maybe…if they are really good and mind their parents…we will take the kiddos next time. Maybe…










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