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February 25, 2013

Festival Festivities Begin

The Charleston Wine & Food Festival is this weekend, always one of my favorite and most hectic times of the year. I have a special connection to the Festival. When I moved to Charleston in 2004, I met with Angel Postell about a job at her PR firm, Home Team Communications. I moved on a Thursday, met with Angel on Friday, and started work at Home Team on Monday! It was a whirlwind and some insight into what my first year living in Charleston working for Angel would be–crazy, fun and always busy. When I started, Angel was working with a small team on the beginnings of what is now a massive, 4-day festival that brings some of the top talent in the food & wine industry to Charleston. In a way, the Festival is the reason I started ByrdHouse. Angel was recruited to be the Exec. Director of the Festival in 2005, and I essentially took over her PR business and started my own company with some of our former clients. Angel gave me an incredible opportunity–to start my own business at 25–and I will forever and ever be grateful and appreciative for what she allowed me to do. She set quite an example of what it is to run a company, be a good boss and do good work for your clients, and I still use the skills I learned working for her today.

I handled the media relations for the Festival year one, and still have some of my funniest and most ridiculous memories from that weekend. We had no idea what we were getting into–working 18 hour days, rushing home to sleep for a few hours and then starting all over again. When the ticketing “office” opened that week, I was so scared I wanted to crawl under the table. But, we pulled it off and it was the beginning of something really special!

The Festival officially kicks off on Thursday, and we have a pretty packed schedule of events this year that we are attending, starting with an SFA film on Wednesday. It’s sure to be a fun-filled weekend, and I just hope I can still hang like I did back in the days of the first Festival–pre-motherhood! Looking forward to seeing some people I love who will be in town to celebrate. Cheers!

The original 2006 Charleston Wine & Food Festival staff: Matt McKeown, Ashley Gunnin, Angel Postell, Annie Byrd Hamnett, Sarah Cothran

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